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Fanart Fucks

If you draw it, they will come, But we will make a post about it.

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Stay on-topic with the community theme
(which would be fanart fuckery and all the shit that comes with it)
Keep all images behind either a link or lj-cut.
Advertising communities and such is okay, but keep it somewhat on-topic.
(pictures do not need to be behind a cut for this unless they are NWS or just huge)
Trolling and obnoxious posts will get you banned. That's a no-brainer.
Make sure your links work properly. We are too lazy to copy and paste addresses or switch to another browser.
PhotoBucket is your friend. We appreciate working links.
If an image is done rather "well" quality-wise, but is being posted as a "wtf" fanart, try to include something awful as well. ;D
Look, don't touch: DO NOT flame the artist. DO NOT send the artist a link to this journal. DO NOT bait an artist into coming here to defend themselves, as drama will most likely occur and we'll be ker-banned. DO NOT link to harass artists with LiveJournals. Hell, DO NOT harass the artists at all. Keep the giggleshits in this community only.
Don't be a dick to everyone, and have fun.

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Original Creator: jordan_hass